3 hour Performance, 3 Channel Video Installation accompanied with live sound performance by Ashkan Saadi. 

In collaboration with Katherine Toukhy , 2006-2008 

Audience were welcome to participate by writing on papers around the gallery space and include it in the piece.  
We were surrounded by 3 big video projections of a body being marked and unmarked, while we proceeded to write on a 20 ft scroll of paper continuously for 3 hours. When the paper was filled, it became like a new skin, a new testament. The performance was a meditation on the cycle of being 'marked' and freeing oneself.


4 min,  video projection and sound

In collaboration with Katherine Toukhy, 2009

Tunfud (Arabic)/ She shakes off, places an ever-present iconic female figure at the center of a stream of images referencing life, loss, and power.
The artists seek to highlight the place of women and women’s rights on a world stage dominated by polarizing forces of western imperialism and eastern fundamentalisms.