Photo credit: Omid Fallahazad

My approach to artmaking is deeply informed by my passion for social justice and my personal experience as a woman and a member of persecuted Baha’i minority in Iran, as an immigrant in Boston, and as an educator. I consider my art a voice for the margins communicated through the poetry of visuals.”

”My process of artmaking provides an avenue for studying social, cultural, and political issues and engagements. Installations provide the third space to bring a variety of mediums together with audiences in order to create a place for contemplation; a place for re/defining our definitions of self and others. The artwork itself is complete only within the dialogue and conversations created as a result of audience interaction and participation.”

”I am interested in the fluctuating space of cross-cultural encounter; as a result, I create collaborative projects, physically bringing artists from different backgrounds together to co-create works that reflect our shared concerns as they transform and fuse together in the creative process.
— Rashin Fahandej


Rashin Fahandej is an artist and filmmaker.   She works in a diversity of media, including but not limited to feature film documentary, video and sound installations, performance, relational art, photography and painting.  Her projects engage a variety of social, political and cultural issues through conceptual, psychological as well as aesthetic explorations.

Her work, solo and collaborative, has been exhibited internationally at numerous venues including The Western Front, Vancouver; Organhaus Gallery, Chongqing/China; Normale Supérieure, Paris; UCLA’s Wight Gallery, LA; Southern Exposure, Intersections for the Arts, San Francisco; Big Screen Plaza, Alwan for the Arts, NYC. Her experimental short film Sahyeh Sorkh was an official selection at Boston International Film Festival.

Rashin is currently a Boston Artist-in-Residence with the Mayor's Office of Art and Culture and a research fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Rashin was born and raised in Iran and currently lives in Boston, MA.  She received her BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design; and her MFA in Film studies from San Francisco Art Institute.