Sahyeh Sorkh

Sahyeh Sorkh / Red Shadow, an experimental short film, is a poetic examination of the state of bearing witness. 

14 min, HD video,  accompanied by musical composition, String Quartet No.2: "One Day; Tehran", by Sahba Aminikia. 2010

Watch the full video:

Synopsis: Following the Iranian turmoil and demonstrations of 2009, a young woman living in San Francisco, attempts to make sense of the disparity between the mundane tasks of her daily life and the turbulence imposed upon those who challenge socio-political structures. Estranged emotionally and geographically, she weaves through reality and the anxieties of her imaginings.

String Quartet No.2: "One Day; Tehran", depicts a day of life in Tehran in three parts: "Dawn," "Noon," and "Sunset". Starting with the morning, the piece gradually increases in tension to reach its height at noon, a reflection of the recent political unrest the city has experienced, sunset follows as it brings calmness to the city with the arrival of the night until a new day starts again.

Sahyeh Sorkh was an official selection at Boston International Film Festival 2011, and been screened at various venues including Alwan for the Arts, NYC; Big Screen Plaza, NYC;It was premiered at Intersection For the Arts, San Francisco, accompanied by live musical performance.