No ReConstruction is Whole, variation i

2010, Multi-media and participatory installation

List of works included in this installation: 

No Reconstruction is Whole, variation I:

"Chair", burned chair on pedestal, 2010

“Dictating the Shape of Reality”, Video and sound, 3min, 2010

“Pause”, Video loop. Silence, 2010

“Contemplating on being”  Two life size family photos, Mirror, 1960s, 1970s, 2010

“Consciousness Alters the Geography of Categories” online information, 2010

"Remains, After the 1978 Anti-Baha’i riot.   Shiraz, Iran"

Photo documentation from the remains of a burned house

Participatory/Traveling postcard, 2009

Instruction for participation:  This artwork is not complete without your participation.

Please describe what does “home” mean to you?

Write your thoughts on the back of the postcard.

Add any personal information you like: name, date, city, etc.

Write your name and email on the notebook.

The postcards will be documented for an archive library and they will be mail out to participants.  You will receive not yours but someone else's definition of home in the mail.  

“Contradictions in my life”, variation I, 2010

2 channel video, silence.   Two TV monitors positioned faces to face.

TV1: Limitations and discriminations Baha’is are facing in Iran

TV2: Basic principles of Baha’i teachings